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On this page is a list of the various costs that the shelter incurs on a regular basis to care for the 1,100+ animals that come through our facility each year. 


It is only through generous donations and community support that we are able to provide these important treatments and procedures.


If you have ever donated food, supplies, money or services to the shelter...THANK YOU!  We couldn't do it without you!


Want to donate now?  Click the DONATE button below!

Animal Care Costs

Dog spay (less than 50 pounds) - $110

Dog spay (50-100 pounds) - $130

Dog neuter (less than 50 pounds) - $85

Dog neuter (50-100 pounds) - $100

Dog shots - $6 each

Heartworm tests for dogs - $6


Cat spay - $80

Cat neuter - $55

Cat shots - $3 each

Cat FIV/FLV/Heartworm tests - $14


Flea prevention - $15 per tube

Flea pill (for serious infestation) - $3

Tapeworm dewormer - $4 per pill

Microchips - $14.99 per chip

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