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Over 1,100 lost, stray or abandoned pets.  That’s how many animals the Humane Society of Noble County serves each and every year.  And the number is growing.


That’s why the Humane Society has begun a capital fundraising campaign to build a BIGGER, BETTER, SAFER, STRONGER, HEALTHIER facility for the animals they serve.


There are many reasons why the shelter needs to remodel and expand its current facilities. 


First and foremost, their current facility is at maximum capacity. They need to expand to comfortably hold current and additional animal residents waiting to be adopted.  The Humane Society of Noble County is committed to being a no-kill shelter, only euthanizing animals that are either too sick or too dangerous to be adopted.  Expanding their current facility will allow them to continue their policy of putting the interests and welfare of the animals first.


Additionally, the currently shelter has no designated space to quarantine animals that arrive at the shelter with airborne diseases, thereby putting other animals at risk, and no clinic area to treat sick or injured animals that arrive at the facility, causing the need for animals to be transported to a separate facility for treatment, which is both expensive, and also stressful for the animals. 


The animals deserve a better, healthier facility!


If you've ever adopted a shelter animal and found your new best friend, you know the value of each and every animal we serve.


Please consider making a recurring, monthly donation of any amount to support the shelter by clicking the button at the top of this page. 



If every person in Noble County donated just $5 per month online, we would raise $2.4 million dollars in just one year! 


That's enough to remodel and expand our current facility, and also ensure that EVERY animal that comes through our doors is spayed and neutered, reducing the overpopulation of unwanted animals in Noble County...FOREVER!

Why Donate?



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