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Lost & Found

We maintain a list of lost & found pets that are reported to our office. As soon as you notice your pet is missing, give us a call and we will complete a lost report. We are the only animal shelter in Noble County, and people bring stray or found animals to our shelter or call us to report a found animal. Additionally, we often pick up stray or running at large animals who are then housed at the shelter.

We encourage you to check with us and visit us in person to see if we have your pet. Only you know what your pet looks like, and we often get similar looking animals of the same breed.

Other avenues to find your pet include contacting your local newspaper, hanging flyers in the commuity, and posting lost pets on Facebook and other social media.

Trap / Pet Taxi rental

Traps are available for rent to anyone who is trying to catch a stray or wild cat or dog on their property. Pet taxies are available for rent to anyone who is needing to safely transport an animal. Both trap & taxi rentals require completion of the rental form and a $30 fully refundable deposit. Once the trap or taxi is returned to us, in good working order, you will be refunded your deposit.

Want list

Our website is kept current with adoptable pets. If we don't have the particular breed you are looking for, please stop by, or call our office, we will put your name in our want list or give you contact information for rescue organizations. We do our best to find homes for homeless pets and encourage you to search other humane societies and rescues for the pet best suited to your family and lifestyle.

After-hours services

If you find a pet and we are closed, please contact your local police department. They will call the after-hours on-call person to assist you.

Your time is important and we do our very best to respond to calls quickly; please be patient, we are a small staffing serving an entire county.

Return to Owner policies

We strive to return pets to their families. When an animal is brought in or picked up as a stray, we hold the animal for 1 week before placing it up for adoption. In order to reclaim a pet, you must contact us and provide proof of ownership (photos, vet records, microchip registration, tattoo, etc.) There is a fee to reclaim your pet and additional boarding fees begin once we make contact with you.

Presentations &
Adoption events

We are happy to speak with groups, organizations, schools and other social groups, either at our facility or yours. We also cater to libraries, nursing homes and other community areas. Please call our office to arrange a time.

We are also available for off-site adoption events and "friend"raising events. It's a great opportunity for us to be out in the community and pets are always a great way to draw crowds.



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