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We've Got BIG Plans for the Animals in Noble County!

Please feel free to stop by the shelter

at any time during normal business

hours to see a large building layout,

ask questions, or tour our current

facility and learn why this

project is so important!

Additional footage to be added:    


> Approximately 5,800 square feet


Additional features to be added:

  • Separate quarantine rooms for dogs and cats (including a separate entrance) to take in ​animals who may have airborne diseases, and to house and treat these animals until they can be brought back into the general population

  • A medical room to allow for the treatment and care of sick animals on-site, eliminating the need and expense of transporting animals to other care facilities.

  • Separate dog and cat areas for pregnant and nursing animals, to allow for a quiet and peaceful birth and nursing experience

  • An education and multi-purpose room, to allow for:

    • Animal care and education workshops

    • Opportunities for animal interactions with special needs children and adults

    • Classroom visits from area schools and daycares

    • Special events, birthday parties and other activities

  • An adoption room to introduce animals to their potential new owners.

  • Cat and dog colonies that allow the animals to have indoor and outdoor “free time” to reduce shelter/captivity stress.

  • Additional storage for food, bedding, litter, medications, and other supplies that are essential for proper animal care.

  • Increase space for additional animal intake and care.

  • Better ventilation to maintain a healthier environment for animals and staff/volunteers.

  • A dog park, including a large fenced area and obstacle course for members of the community (including police and therapy dog owners) to use in training and exercising their pets.

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